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Hurtigruten Destinations

Unlock the wonders of the world with an expedition cruise to some of the most remote and fascinating destinations. Hurtigruten’s unique heritage, highly-skilled crew and diverse fleet enable them to take you from polar regions in the High Arctic, across to Europe and the Americas, through the deep South and down to the end of the Earth, Antarctica.

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Norwegian Coast

Experience Norway’s beautiful fjords, charming ports, and rare wildlife under the Midnight Sun or spectacular Northern Lights. Hurtigruten’s daily departures take you on voyages where no other ships go. No matter the season, all cruises with Hurtigruten are thrilling adventures filled with amazing scenery and active “friluftsliv” experiences. These journeys are a treat for all your senses!


Remote, mysterious and extreme. Explore the Svalbard archipelago, located half way between Norway and the North Pole. The largest of Svalbard’s islands, Spitsbergen, is a land forged by ice, wind and sea. Hurtigruten’s expedition-style landings will take you closer to the ghost towns of early whaling stations, spectacular fjords and icebergs, wildlife and the King of the Arctic – the Polar Bear.

Northwest Passage

This is an expedition for hardy explorers. History is full of attempts to sail this legendary route from Greenland and the Atlantic, through the icy Canadian Arctic, past colourful Inuit villages, all the way to the Pacific. Join Hurtigruten as they sail far above the Arctic Circle, completing an epic journey in the wake of Amundsen and other great explorers.


Old civilizations, magnificent cities and hidden gems – prepare to be amazed by the rich continent of Europe on a sailing down its historical coastline. Explore the sunny Atlantic Islands and impressive European coast in a more personal way – Hurtigruten’s intimate cruises let you explore iconic and picturesque destinations in an active way, giving you rare insight into European history and culture between Norway and Morocco.


Isolated, untouched and immersive. Allow the coldest continent on Earth to melt your heart. Let the elements rule and truly discover the white solitude and fearless wildlife that thrives here. Your polar expedition with Hurtigruten will introduce you to the magic of South America before starting your adventure to the end of the world.

South America

The South American coasts are full of discoveries. These expeditions have it all: remote island paradises, the grandeur of pristine nature and the inspiring mystery of lost civilisations. Join Hurtigruten to explore these natural and cultural treasures, or let them serve as your jumping-off point for an unforgettable Antarctic adventure.


The magnificent Alaskan coastline offers a truly unique combination of glaciers, wildlife and pristine tundra. On this exciting voyage, Hurtigruten’s advanced explorer ship weaves its way along the ruggedly beautiful edge of America´s northern frontier while scanning for abundant wildlife like horned puffins, moose and brown bears. Enjoy investigating rich native cultures and exploring fossil forests on this expedition to the unmatched wonder of Alaska.

Caribbean and Central America

Colourful, warm and full of life. The Caribbean and Central America have been dream destinations for generations, for good reason. Explore, kayak and dive these azure waters with Hurtigruten as they take you to isolated cays, soft white sand beaches and lively towns on a voyage to remember to Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize and the Florida Keys.


Go on adventures among colossal icebergs, mountains and fjords to explore the biggest island in the world. Greenland, or “the Land of the People”, offers unique encounters with isolated Inuit communities. Let Hurtigruten’s expedition cruises bring you to first-hand interactions with wild nature in the Arctic seas.


Discover Iceland, the mythical land of fire and ice, with its glaciers and volcanoes, spouting geysers and cascading falls. From the unspoilt, raw natural beauty to the rich Viking history, the saga island is the perfect destination for explorers looking for the unexpected.

North America

Wild and beautiful, remote and rich in history – an adventure to the east coast of Canada is bound to unleash your inner explorer. Hurtigruten’s expedition cruises take you to some of the most spectacular sights in North America, from small cities and local communities to the untamed wilderness of Newfoundland’s great National Parks – Gros Morne and Torngat.

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